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Issued Patents

As of June 2012: 43 patents issued, 28 applications in process.  See U.S. Patent Office for a complete list.

  1. Method and apparatus to reorder search results in view of identified information of interest. United States Patent 8195660
  2. Identifying and linking similar passages in a digital text corpus. United States Patent 8122032
  3. Method and apparatus for user-activity-based dynamic power management and policy creation for mobile platforms. United States Patent 7861099
  4. Method and apparatus for user-activity-based dynamic power management and policy creation for mobile platforms. United States Patent 7861098
  5. Data detector for creating links from web content for mobile devices. United States Patent 7797447
  6. Methods and apparatus for operating an ensemble of wireless electronic devices based on user activity. United States Patent 7689167
  7. Multi-channel quiet calls. United States Patent 7546143
  8. Methods and systems for selecting objects by grouping annotations on the objects. United States Patent 7519901
  9. Methods and apparatus for operating a wireless electronic device based on usage pattern. United States Patent 7408887
  10. System and method for video navigation and client side indexing. United States Patent 7401351
  11. Automatic generation of multimedia presentation. United States Patent 7383509
  12. Methods and apparatus for providing a communication proxy system. United States Patent 7349355
  13. Image classifying systems and methods. United States Patent 7327347
  14. Detection and processing of annotated anchors. United States Patent 7266765
  15. Systems and methods for automatic emphasis of freeform annotations. United States Patent 6900819
  16. Document re-authoring systems and methods for providing device-independent access to the world wide web. United States Patent 6857102
  17. Document cache replacement policy for automatically generating groups of documents based on similarity of content. United States Patent 6842876
  18. Method and system for position-aware freeform printing within a position-sensed area. United States Patent 6773177
  19. Method and system for creating ad-hoc links from free-form ink. United States Patent 6766494
  20. Method and system for maintaining freeform ink annotations on changing views. United States Patent 6687876
  21. Service portal for links separated from Web content. United States Patent 6674453
  22. System and method for displaying and navigating links. United States Patent 6670968
  23. Displaying in a first document a selectable link to a second document based on a passive query. United States Patent 6658623
  24. Method and system for freeform digital ink annotation of data traces. United States Patent 6625296
  25. Method for accepting a freeform input containing message with time reference thereupon providing an alert message according to the time reference. United States Patent 6587895
  26. Management of time and expense when communicating between a host and a communication network. United States Patent 6587877
  27. Method and apparatus for annotating widgets. United States Patent 6529215
  28. Method and system for copying a freeform digital ink mark on an object to a related object. United States Patent 6389435
  29. Method and apparatus for displaying references to a user's document browsing history within the context of a new document. United States Patent 6370551
  30. Method and system for suggesting related documents. United States Patent 6356922
  31. Method and system for organizing documents based upon annotations in context. United States Patent 6279014
  32. System for capturing and retrieving audio data and corresponding hand-written notes. United States Patent 5970455
  33. Method and apparatus for dynamically grouping a plurality of graphic objects. United States Patent 5889523
  34. Specifying and establishing communication data paths between particular media devices in multiple media device computing systems based on context of a user or users. United States Patent 5812865
  35. Protocol for channel access in wireless or network data communication. United States Patent 5721725
  36. Elision based presentation of ordered data. United States Patent 5627980
  37. Method for selectively performing event on computer controlled device whose location and allowable operation is consistent with the contextual and locational attributes of the event. United States Patent 5611050
  38. Method for triggering selected machine event when the triggering properties of the system are met and the triggering conditions of an identified user are perceived. United States Patent 5603054
  39. Method and system for maintaining processing continuity to mobile computers in a wireless network. United States Patent 5564070
  40. Method for granting a user request having locational and contextual attributes consistent with user policies for devices having locational attributes consistent with the user request. United States Patent 5555376
  41. System for granting ownership of device by user based on requested level of ownership, present state of the device, and the context of the device. United States Patent 5544321
  42. Selective delivery of electronic messages in a multiple computer system based on context and environment of a user. United States Patent 5493692
  43. Method and system for the dynamic selection, allocation and arbitration of control between devices within a region. United States Patent 5485634